Spyderco has been known for their high performance knives and accessories for nearly four decades, and is one of the leading brands offered from New Graham Knives. With the purchase of any one of these knives, you’ll be receiving a reliable cutting tool made for both ultimate performance and ergonomic comfort. Spyderco is a brand that no knife enthusiast should go without.

The range of knives offered from Spyderco varies from tactical fixed blade weapons to folding pocketknives, with a plain edge, combo, or fully serrated blade. Each blade is forged from a variety of steels, ranging from stainless to titanium. All of these knives feature a unique styling not seen from other knife manufacturers, and almost every Spyderco design comes with a belt clip for easy portability.

It’s time to add a Spyderco knife to your collection. If you are not sure which one to choose, contact us today with any questions!

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Pattada PE SC204GP Pattada PE


Rock Salt Orange PE SCFB20POR Rock Salt Orange PE


Ladybug 3 Orange HAP40 SCLBORP3E Ladybug 3 Orange HAP40


Snap-it H1 PE SC26PYL Snap-it H1 PE


Snap-it H1 SE SC26SYL Snap-it H1 SE


Vrango SC201TIBLP Vrango


Native 5 Black SE SC41SBBK5 Native 5 Black SE


Manix 2 Dark Blue PE S110V SC101GPDBL2 Manix 2 Dark Blue PE S110V


Mantra  2 PE SC203TIP Mantra 2 PE


Mantra PE SC202TIP Mantra PE


PITS Folder Blue PE SC192TIBLP PITS Folder Blue PE


Bradley 2 Carbon Fiber PE SC134CFP2 Bradley 2 Carbon Fiber PE


Sprig SCFB37GGRP Sprig


Firefly Orange G-10 SC184GPOR Firefly Orange G-10


Mike Draper Folder SC171TIBLP Mike Draper Folder


Native 5 PE Pink FRN SC41PPN5 Native 5 PE Pink FRN


Aqua Salt Black Plain Edge SCFB23PBBK Aqua Salt Black Plain Edge


Aqua Salt Black Serrated SCFB23SBBK Aqua Salt Black Serrated


Manix 2 Lightweight Black SC101PBBK2 Manix 2 Lightweight Black


Dog Tag Folder CF Black PE SC188CFBBKP Dog Tag Folder CF Black PE


Tusk PE SC06TIP Tusk PE


Police G-10 PE SC07GP3 Police G-10 PE


Police G-10 SE SC07GS3 Police G-10 SE


Spyderco Police, PE SC07P Spyderco Police, PE


Spyderco Police, CE SC07PS Spyderco Police, CE