Frequently asked Questions

Q1) What forms of payment do you take?

Answer: Pretty much the only payment we can't take online is cash and that's only because mailing cash is always a bad idea. We accept major credit cards, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover. We also accept PayPal, checks and money orders. If you are paying with a check or money order select the pay by check option at checkout and then mail it to New Graham 560 Virginia Ave Bluefield, VA 24605. As soon as the check/money order clears we will ship your order which is usually 5-7 business days.


Q2) What are your shipping Prices?

Answer: For United States orders only, shipping is free over $100. Items that qualify for free shipping will ship using USPS, UPS Ground, or UPS SurePost, whichever is most economical for the particular item.  For most items First Class shipping through USPS is $4.00 and Priority Mail is $7.25. UPS and express delivery options are available and are priced at whatever the current rate is. On some items that are oversized there may be a extra charge on shipping, we will note that on the item.

For International orders, please email us before placing your order. We will calculate a shipping price based off of the order information and what USPS is currently charging. We keep the shipping cost at whatever USPS charges us.

Q3) Do you accept International orders?

Answer: Yes we do from from most countries, however there are countries that we will not ship to and products/brands that can not be shipped outside of the United States. International customers must contact us before placing their order so that we can ensure that the items that you wish to purchase are exportable and to work out the shipping charges. There are certain conditions that we must place on international order in order to protect ourselves, all international customers must agree to the following conditions.

          1. The customer is reponsible for all shipping fees, duties, taxes, etc.

          2. Must pay via PayPal or Western Union

          3. Once an item leaves the United States we are no longer responsible if it is lost, seized by customs, or stolen. We cannot be held responsible for these things so no refunds will be issued in any of these cases.

          4. Must know the laws in their country as it is impossible for us to know the knife laws in every country. If you order something that is illegal in your country the blame is solely on you

          5. We will not falsify customs documents in any way. Items and their values will be listed exactly on the forms so if you think any of the items you have ordered might be seized  by customs then you should consider that before ordering. 

          6. We do not ship to any freight forwarding companies. In our experience every order that has had one of these compaines as the shipping address has been a case of attempted credit card fraud. I'm sure that these places are used for legitamate purchases every day but out top priority is protecting our customers and combating fraud so we will not ship to these addresses.


Q4) Are your products always in stock? 

Answer: If it showing in stock then that means it is on the shelf in our store, we don't drop ship or use any just in time inventory tricks to inflate our inventory. Since we are a brick and mortar store there is a very, very, slim chance that a walk in customer could buy an item and then an online order be placed before the inventory updates but that basically never happens.


Q5) What about incorrect orders that have the wrong item or are missing items?
Answer: Our policy has always been that if we mess up we will fix it and at our cost. Let us know of any issues ASAP so we can get them fixed and get you what you actually wanted in the first place. 

Q6) What do I do if there is a problem or defect with the product I ordered?
Answer: If you are unhappy or your item(s) are defective, you may return them to us in new and unused condition and we will refund or replace them (if inventory allows).We do ask our customers to have respect and not abuse this policy, for example if you buy a knife and use it for 3 months or longer and then are unhappy with it, thats not really our fault. If you buy a product and use it and something happens to it, YOU should contact the manufacturer first, if you can not resolve an issue with them we will be happy to step in on your behalf. We reserve the right to make the call on this on a per incident basis. Manufacturing defects are the responsibility of the manufacturer and while we will assit you in getting your product fixed or replaced we are not responsible for return shipping charges inccured by the buyer to return the knife to us or the manufacturer. It is a courtesy for us to replace a product with a manufacturing defect for our customers and we gladly take care of our customers. Please contact the store to make arrangments for any returns. Click here to Contact us

Q7) Why won't you sell me an automatic knife/switchblade? They are perfectly legal where I live.
Answer: We wish we could, trust me, we really don't like not being able to sell them. Unfortunately since we are located in Virginia we are only legally allowed to sell automatic knives to active duty military and law enforcement. Virginia still has ridiculous laws when it comes to certain kinds of knives but hopefully one day that will all change. However, if you are active duty military or law enforcement we can sell you an automatic, we will just have to get documents from you proving your status.

Q8) Do you take preorders or have a waiting list for certain knives?
Answer: We absolutely do both! If you are interested in preordering or getting on a waiting list for any knife just click the contact us tab and shoot us a message, email, or give us call and we will put you on the list. There is no charge for preordering or getting put on a waiting list.

Q9) When will my order ship?
Answer: If you choose USPS shipping and order before 2:00 PM EST your order will go out the same day as long as all your items are in stock are there are no issues with your order. Orders placed after 2:00 PM will ship the next day. Of course the post office has to be open for us to ship orders so orders placed on Saturday, Sunday, or federal holidays will ship the next business day. If you choose UPS as your shipping method we will still get it out the same day as long as you order before our UPS guy stops by to pick up packages. That time varies so we can't give the same guarantee that we do with the post office but it will go out on the next business day at the latest.

Q10) Why didn't my order ship when it was supposed to?
We make absolutely every effort to make sure items ship out either the same day or next day, depending on when the order was placed, but sometimes certain situations can cause that not to happen. If we need to verify anything with payment, billing address, or shipping address, we absolutely will not ship until we get that worked out. We all know that in today's world identity theft and credit card fraud are an unfortunate reality that is terrible for the customer and also bad for us as a retailer. If we need to verify any of these things we will immediately attempt to call and email to get things worked out as quickly as possible so we can get your items to you. If for some reason our online inventory is incorrect we will contact you as soon as possibe and refund your purchase, we rarely run into this but with a brick and mortar store front and online sales it does happen occasionally.

Q11) I have a gift card/certificate that I received as a gift. How can I redeem it?
Answer: If you would like to redeem a gift card or gift certificate you can use them either in store or over the phone. Gift cards or gift certificates can not be redeemed for cash.