Boker White Ceramic Paring


Ceramic knives are the ultimate cutting tools for everyday slicing of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Ceramic is a pure and healthy alternative. Unlike steel knives, ceramic blades will not transfer metal ions to food nor corrode from acids or oils in fruits and vegetables. Ceramic will never rust. At half the weight of an equivalent steel knife, a ceramic knife becomes a comfortable extension of the hand, reducing fatigue during long, repetitave cutting tasks. Ceramic blades also start out sharper and stay sharper longer than traditional steel blades. Ceramic blades do need to be used and stored carefully. Ceramic blades can break if dropped and chip if used to cut hard materials.
If/when you decide the Ceramic blade needs resharpening, Boker offers this service for a nominal charge. Broken blades are NOT covered under warranty.
This Boker Ceramic Paring/Utility knife features a 3 3/8" white ceramic blade and black Delrin handles.
7 1/2" overall length.

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