Fenix ARB-L16-700U USB Rechargeable 16340 Li-Ion Battery


Fenix ARB-L16-700U USB Rechargeable 16340 Lithium Ion Batter with protection circuit in the anode. Input is 4.2V/0.4A Micro USB incorporated in the battery. Fully Charged and Charging indicator lights. 700mAh. 3.6V Can be recharged in standard charger - 0.5A recommended, 1A maximum input.
This battery features a high 700mAh capacity along with 3.6V energy output that is perfect for powering strong LED lights and other devices that require high voltage. Each Fenix battery is designed with all of the highest end safety features and quality construction that is a staple of the Fenix line.

--Three sets of over-heat protection
--Built-in over charge and over discharge protection
--Unique structural design for better impact resistance
--Compact design suitable for most flashlights
--No battery memory effect, low self-discharge
--Model: ARB-L16-700
--Capacity: 700mAh
--Voltage: 3.6V
--Charging Current: Recommended: 4mAh / Maximum: 1000mAh
--Weight: 17.4g
--Size: Diameter: 16mm / Height: 35mm
Replaces a standard CR123 in most applications.

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