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BHB30 Assisted Opener PE BHB-153001SL BHB30 Assisted Opener PE


BHB40 Silver PE Large BHB-154001SL BHB40 Silver PE Large


Be-Wharned Satin PE BHB-15BW01SL Be-Wharned Satin PE


Crucible II Black PE Folder BHB-15C201BK Crucible II Black PE Folder


Garra II Plain Edge Black BHB-15G201BK Garra II Plain Edge Black


Hornet II Plain Edge Black BHB-15H201BK Hornet II Plain Edge Black


Hawkhook Silver Serrated BHB-15HH11SL Hawkhook Silver Serrated


CQD Mark 1 Type E PE Black BHB-15M101BK CQD Mark 1 Type E PE Black


Night Edge Black PS BHB-15NE10BK Night Edge Black PS


XSF Punch Dagger BHB-15PD00BK XSF Punch Dagger


Point Man Black PE BHB-15PM01BK Point Man Black PE


Tatang PE BHB-15TT00BK Tatang PE


Tatang Fixed Blade PS BHB-15TT10BK Tatang Fixed Blade PS


UK-SFK Black Plain Edge BHB-15UK00BK UK-SFK Black Plain Edge


XSF Micro Neck Knife BHB-15XM00BK XSF Micro Neck Knife


Crucible FX2 PE BHB15C200BK Crucible FX2 PE


Kalista II PE BHB15K200BK Kalista II PE


Kalista II Serrated BHB15K210BK Kalista II Serrated




Razorback Trocar PE BHB15RT00BK Razorback Trocar PE


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Designed with military and law enforcement applications in mind, Blackhawk Blades offers high quality knives tested to ensure 100% reliability in the field under all conditions. From tactical folders, to fixed blades, to rescue tools, Blackhawk offers a tool for every mission.