Boker Knives are high quality knives at very affordable prices, Boker has a knife for about any situation, from Tactical knives to hunting and fishing knives, and even the traditional slip joint. Here at New Graham Knives we are sure you will find the Boker knife that is just right for you.

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Dog Tag Knife BOK01BO210 Dog Tag Knife


Kwaiken Carbon Fiber BOK01BO298 Kwaiken Carbon Fiber


Kwaiken Mini BOK01BO290 Kwaiken Mini


Vox F3 II Carbon Fiber BOK01BO341 Vox F3 II Carbon Fiber


Boker TF/D BOK110290 Boker TF/D


Marlowe Bullpup BOK01BO311 Marlowe Bullpup


Titan 2 Drop BOK01BO183 Titan 2 Drop


Urban Trapper G-10 BOK01BO732 Urban Trapper G-10


Titan 1 Clip BOK112011 Titan 1 Clip


#Britton Phaser BOK01BO615 #Britton Phaser


Honeycomb BOK01BO189 Honeycomb


Boker 3000 Brown Canvas BOK115000 Boker 3000 Brown Canvas


Exskeli Moor I BOK01BO004 Exskeli Moor I


Exskeli Moor II BOK01BO005 Exskeli Moor II


Uolcos BOK01BO009 Uolcos


#Exskelikbur I Ebony BOK01BO012 #Exskelikbur I Ebony


Exskeli Moor I Red Maple BOK01BO014 Exskeli Moor I Red Maple


Exskeli Moor II Red Maple BOK01BO015 Exskeli Moor II Red Maple


Sodbuster Lockback Yellow BOK01BO020 Sodbuster Lockback Yellow


Panatela BOK01BO024 Panatela


Carbon BOK01BO026 Carbon


Stag Damascus Folding Hunter BOK01BO028DAM Stag Damascus Folding Hunter


Fisk MUK Bone BOK01BO030 Fisk MUK Bone


Anti-MC Tactical Folder BOK01BO035 Anti-MC Tactical Folder


Anti-Grav Tactical Folder BOK01BO036 Anti-Grav Tactical Folder