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Graduate BU328BWS Graduate


Fluid BU289BKS Fluid


Colleague BU325SSS Colleague


Rival II BU365BKS Rival II


Spike Elk Handle Ltd Ed. BU117EKSLE Spike Elk Handle Ltd Ed.


Selector 2.0 BU550BKS Selector 2.0


#Conifer Dagger BU981BKSLE #Conifer Dagger


Inertia Folder BU293BKS Inertia Folder


#Paklite Trophy Kit BU141ORGVP #Paklite Trophy Kit


#Trigger BU865BKS #Trigger


Brahma Small BU117BRS Brahma Small


Open Season Skinner BU537RWG Open Season Skinner


Open Season Caping Pro BU543RWS Open Season Caping Pro


Buck Ops Boot Knife BU616BKS Buck Ops Boot Knife


MWG Matt Would Go BU0245MCSMWG MWG Matt Would Go


Selkirk BU0863BRS Selkirk


#Lux Medium Select BU0014TTS #Lux Medium Select


Clearwater Filet BU0023RDS Clearwater Filet


Splizzors Red BU0030RDS Splizzors Red


Splizzors Salt Water BU0031BLS Splizzors Salt Water


Buck/Hood Punk BU0065BKSBH Buck/Hood Punk


Buck/Hood Thug BU0070BKSBH Buck/Hood Thug




Since 1902 when Hoyt Buck produced the first Buck Knife, Buck Knives has offered outdoorsmen, soldiers, and hunters a lineup of reliable products. With a lineup of fixed blades and folders, which includes the classic model 110, Buck offers a knife to suit nearly any task imaginable. Here at New Graham Knives we offer a full lineup of Buck Knives for sale that are all backed by Bucks Forever Warrany.