For over 20 years Chris Reeve Knives have set the standard for all other production and midtech knives. Their flagship Sebenza folding knife exhibits exceptional fit and finish and is built to such tight tolerances that they can only be rivaled by hand built custom knives. Not only did Chris Reeve invent and perfect the Reeve Integral Lock, otherwise known as the frame lock, he also played a crucial role in the development of both S30V and S35VN blade steels alongside Crucible Industries. That usage of the frame lock and these two steels has become so common in today's knife industry shows that the engineering and development that goes on inside the walls of Chris Reeve Knives is truly world class. While the Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza is the flagship of the lineup it is hardly the only knife they offer. The Mnandi, and Umnumzaan, along with their fixed blade lineup offer something to cover every usage from a gentleman's folder to hard use tactical blades that can stand up to any uses. Here at New Graham we are a full line Chris Reeve Knives dealer and are proud to offer folding knives, fixed blades, kitchen knives, and accessories from CRK.

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