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A1 Survival Knives

Army Survival w/Zytel FNFKA1Z Army Survival w/Zytel


A2 Wilderness Knives


F1 Military Survival Knives

F1 Military FNFKF1DZ F1 Military


F1 Pilot Survival Knives

Pilot Survival 3G w/Zytel FNFKF13GZ Pilot Survival 3G w/Zytel


F2 Fisherman Knives

F2 Fisherman's Knife FNFKF2Z F2 Fisherman's Knife


Gentleman's Pocket

H1 Hunters

H1 Hunter 3G Blade Zytel FNFKH13GZ H1 Hunter 3G Blade Zytel




Kolt Knife FNFKKKZ Kolt Knife



Legal to Carry Folder FNFKLTCBK Legal to Carry Folder


Model 9 Folders

Model 9 Folder Pearl FNFKFH9MOP Model 9 Folder Pearl


Model P Folders

PC Folder FNFKPC PC Folder


Northern Light Series

Fallkniven Thor FNFKNL1 Fallkniven Thor


Fallkniven  Odin FNFKNL2 Fallkniven Odin


Fallkniven Njord FNFKNL3 Fallkniven Njord


Fallkniven Frej FNFKNL4 Fallkniven Frej