Since their founding in 2006, Great Eastern Cutlery has quickly come to be recognized as a leader in the world of traditional knives. From their factory in Pennsylvania, they use only top quality materials to turn out knives that look, and feel, like those classic knives produced 100 years ago. The skilled craftsman at Great Eastern Cutlery, most of whom have been there since day one, go through more than 200 individual processes on each knife that leaves the factory to ensure that each knife that goes out the door is a reflection of their commitment to making top quality pocketknives. While Great Eastern Cutlery knives are ideal for collecting, they are made to be slipped in a pocket or sheath and used as these aren't just beauty queens. From the high quality carbon or stainless steel blades and back springs, to the hardwoods, bone, or genuine stag that goes into the handle, these knives can earn their keep and look good doing it. Check out our selection of Great Eastern Cutlery knives for sale here at New Graham and try one for yourself today!

Great Eastern Cutlery

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