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Eldris Knife Kit GREEN MORA12633 Eldris Knife Kit GREEN


Eldris Knife RED MORA12648 Eldris Knife RED


Eldris Knife Kit RED MORA12630 Eldris Knife Kit RED


Eldris Knife BLACK MORA12647 Eldris Knife BLACK


HeavyDuty MG Army Model MORA01336 HeavyDuty MG Army Model


Companion Black Blade MORA01485 Companion Black Blade


Basic 511 Red MORA01502 Basic 511 Red


Pro S MORA01506 Pro S


Robust MORA01518 Robust


Companion Tactical MORA01533 Companion Tactical


Basic 511 Black MORA01830 Basic 511 Black


Basic 511 Orange MORA01832 Basic 511 Orange


Companion MG Army Model MORA10128 Companion MG Army Model


Companion MG Army Model MORA10258 Companion MG Army Model


Bushcraft Ultimate MORA11742 Bushcraft Ultimate


Companion SS Orange MORA11824 Companion SS Orange


Bushcraft Desert Camo MORA11832 Bushcraft Desert Camo


Basic 511 Red MORA12147 Basic 511 Red


Basic 546 Blue MORA12241 Basic 546 Blue


Eldris Knife Kit BLUE MORA12631 Eldris Knife Kit BLUE


Companion Magenta MORA13389 Companion Magenta


Companion Black Handle MORA14201 Companion Black Handle


Wood Carving 106 MORA16305 Wood Carving 106




With a history spanning over 125 years, Mora of Sweden knows a thing or two about making a knife. They offer high quality camping, bushcrafting, and hunting knives with a cost to value ratio that is nearly unmatched. We have a wide selection of Mora knives for sale at New Graham with something that is sure to fit your needs.