LT Wright JX2 Jessmuk - Scand Ground 01 Tool Steel Blade - Matte Green Micarta Handles - Leather Sheath


L.T. Wright JX2 Jessmuk Matte Green Micarta handles and Scandi Ground O1 tool steel blade.

The JX2 Jessmuk is designed to do one thing: everything.

The ULU-inspired symmetrical sweeping cutting edge allows for precise cutting at almost any angle. As with swords, a sweeping edge will cut and slice more effectively than a straight edge, which is why the Jessmuk blade is continuously curved. The aggressive belly of the Scandi grind gives you an extra half inch of cutting surface which makes the straight line cutting edge measurement of 4.5 inches in reality, 5 inches of usable blade.

The knife has an overall length of 9.5 inches. It has been tested by multiple bushcrafters and found to perform nearly any task easily. This knife excels at slicing, making feather sticks, batoning, planing, carving, and notching. It is also adept at the many uses of the sharp 90 degree spine, such as debarking a stick or scraping a ferro rod. The centerline point of the JX2 makes tasks like making a bow drill divot easy and the handle is designed to be used for long periods with zero hand fatigue.

Incorporated are large thumb scallops in the front, a built in finger guard, and the stoutest attachment methods they have for the Micarta: triple fisheye bolts, brass lanyard tube, and marine grade 2-part epoxy. It’s been tested cleaning wild hogs and the 1/8 inch thick, O1 tool steel blade is just right for maximum strength while still feeling like a KNIFE.

The hand made leather JRE sheath comes stock with a fire steel loop and a modified dangler loop. You can run this sheath standard on your belt or by using the dangler, it’ll swing easier making getting in and out of your car/truck/side by side much easier.

The JX2 Jessmuk, excels at everything. take one to the woods and discover for yourself.

NOTE: The steel used in the making of this knife is a tool steel, not a stainless. Tool steel, while considered by many to be a superior knife steel will rust. Keep blade clean, dry and oiled to help preserve the finish. The rusting or tarnishing of tool steel is NOT a flaw, but a signature characteristic of this superior steel.
Handcrafted in the USA

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