Randall Model 1-8 Stag

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PRE-OWNED Randall Made Knives Model 1-8 All Purpose Fighter. One of the most desirable models in the Randall line-up. Features a 8" Stainless Steel Blade with sharpened top swedge. Stag handle. Brass double guard and brass Crow's Beak Butt Cap. Black spacers. Sharpened top swedge goes back about 5" from tip Brown leather sheath. Pocket sharpening stone. 13" overall. NOTE: The knife is in excellent condition. No signs of carry or use. Appears to have original edge on blade and swedge. Knife was stored in sheath at some point but sheath is excellent with no signs of carry. Brass shows no signs of verdigris. Stone is as new with only a dark spot where snap rides against stone. Be advised - we obtained this from a collection, so please consider it used. USA