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  • Carabiner M3512 BRK

    Carabiner M3512 BRK
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  • NGK Money Clip Knife

    Your very own New Graham Knives Money Clip. While we expect you to spend all your extra money on knives from New Graham, maybe you have a spare buck or two. Carry them in style. Includes a Pen knife - Fingernail file - and scissors. 440 stainless. PRC
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  • 2nd Ammendment Copper Coin

    2nd Ammendment Copper Coin
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  • Bottle Opener/Whistle Key Chai


    Bottle Opener/Whistle Key Chain

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  • Red Rock 8-Piece Mess Kit


    Red Rock Outdoor Gear 8-Piece Plastic Mess Kit is the deluxe setup for eating on the go or at camp. The entire set combines into one piece for easy storage and on the go usage.


    --Metal knife, fork, and spoon

    --Bowl with handle, dish with handle, cutting board, plastic spice shaker, and lid

    Size: 7.5''W x 5''H x 2''D


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  • Ka-Bar Emergency Whistle...


    The new KA-BAR Emergency Whistle delievers approximately 100 decibels of sound.  Sold as a two pack.  Made from food and water safe Creamid. Made in the USA.

    Color: Black

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  • Fire Dept Pocket Watch


    White face with black hands and numerals and second hand. Face features fire fighter artwork. Gold finish sculpted cast metal case with image of fire truck on front. Gold finish metal chain. Pocket watch features: second hand, Japanese quartz movement, and gift box. PRC

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  • Benchmade Pint Glass


    Benchmade Pint Glass

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  • Fireside Gaming Kit


    Fireside Gaming Kit


    --Deck of playing cards for endless card games

    --Six wooden dice to use on their own or along with playing cards

    --Note pad and pencil to keep score or use as part of a game

    -Instuctions for some games you can play

    -Tin storage box to keep contents together

    This Fireside Gaming Kit can provide hours of fun around the campsite, campfire, RV or backyard


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  • KB1D Bracelet Damascus/Kevlar


    Black Kevlar bracelet with bead and bolt-action clasp crafted from hand-forged damascus steel (the ancient forging art used to create the blades of samurai swords), and stainless steel fittings inset with red topaz.

     William Henry's jewelry collection showcases our work with rare and storied materials, and exceptional craftsmanship, blended with intricate and symbolic stylings in sterling silver, interwoven with exotic and unique forged metals derived from the ancient arts of sword-making.

     Designed and hand-crafted in the United States, every piece of this collection makes a bold, yet extremely refined statement, and speaks to a strong and masculine personality.

    Materials & Artistry

    Hand-forged damascus 


    Red Topaz 

    Length approx; 8 7/8"


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  • DPX Shot Glass Come Back Alive


    Direct from DYP and DPX, the official 2oz heavy clear shotglass with the DPX Come Back Alive Logo.  These are NOT the souvenir caliber, but a true road house weight shot glass you will be proud to own or give as a gift.  Very unique.

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  • DPX Shot Glass Kabul...


    Direct from DYP and DPX, the official 2oz heavy clear shotglass with the Kabul Country Club - Home of the Taliban logo.  These are NOT the souvenir caliber, but a true road house weight shot glass you will be proud to own or give as a gift.  Very unique.

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  • Arrowhead Assorment Approx 2 1

    Arrowhead Assorment Approx 2 1
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  • Brooklyn Crusher

    Because th Brooklyn Crusher is precision injection molded out of heavy-grade polypropylene, these bats just can't be broken. Theres no need to worry about shards of wood flying in your face. No matter what you hit or how hard you swing them, they just won't break. And they're durable too, they wont rot, crack, or splinter, or even fade. You can treat them as roughly as you choose. You neednt worry about dirt or the weather affecting them either since theyre impervious to the elements and clean up with soap and water. Try that with a wood bat and you might damage it. Specifications: Weight: 2 Lbs 1 oz Overall Length: 29" Thickness: 1 1/2" Handle 2 1/4" Tip NOTE: THIS ITEM MAY INCURE EXTRA SHIPPING CHARGES.
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  • Red Rock Survival Kit


    Red Rock Outdoor Gear 60-016 Survival Kit.

    Bright Orange hard plastic storage box with "O" ring seal.


    Built-in mirror and attached carabiner

    Pencil with waterproof paper

    Matches, flint striker, and tea-light candle

    Whistle with belt clip

    Pocket knife/multi-tool and fishing kit

    2 safety pins, 40' of nylon twine

    6' snare wire with 2 cotton balls

    1 meter duct tape and wire saw


    Resealable poly bag 


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  • 3-in-1 Tower Game


    Great item for snow days, rainy days, or camping, the 3-in-1 Tower game consists of 54 wooden blocks with domino and character match embellishment.  You can play tower game, dominos or Memory match games to pass the time.


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