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  • Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner

    The FLITZ Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner removes fingerprints, oily and wax residue, water spots, dirt, carbon and other impurities. Will NOT leave a shine - restores to matte. Will NOT remove bluing or parkerized finish. Enviornment friendly and Non-Flammable. Water based - will not interfere with gun mechanics. USE ON: All matte finishes including Parkerized finishes, Tactical finishes, Gun Wraps, AR firearms and Stainless Steel. Also use on Factory Gun Bluing. Works great on Matte finished and Stainless Steel Knives. To use, simply spray on and wipe down with a Microfiber cloth. Dries fast. Immediately restores to matte finish. 7.6 fl oz. (225ml) pump spray bottle. USA
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  • Case XX Polishing Cloth


    There is nothing like the feel of a Case knife in your hand. Durable, strong and beautifully designed, our hand-crafted Case knives are in a class of their own, which is one reason why they've been passed down from generation to generation, and sought after by collectors from all over the world. For an authentic, American-made work of art, nothing compares to a Case pocket knife, or hunting knife. W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., hand-crafted knives since 1889. CA4598 Case yellow polishing cloth. Safe soft cloth for polishing away smudges and fingerprints from your knives.

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  • BlueLube

    Benchmade BlueLube 1.25 ounce bottle. Blue Lube not only lubricates, it also prevents rust and corrosion. Enhance your overall knife function and keep things moving like a well-oiled machine - without the build up. USA
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  • Gun Boss Pro Cleaning Kit

    Compact modern kit for .22 - .45 cal handguns and rifles and 20 and 20 ga Shotguns. Includes assortment of brushes, mops, and jags. Brass rods. PRC
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