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  • Fireside Gaming Kit


    Fireside Gaming Kit


    --Deck of playing cards for endless card games

    --Six wooden dice to use on their own or along with playing cards

    --Note pad and pencil to keep score or use as part of a game

    -Instuctions for some games you can play

    -Tin storage box to keep contents together

    This Fireside Gaming Kit can provide hours of fun around the campsite, campfire, RV or backyard


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  • 3-in-1 Tower Game


    Great item for snow days, rainy days, or camping, the 3-in-1 Tower game consists of 54 wooden blocks with domino and character match embellishment.  You can play tower game, dominos or Memory match games to pass the time.


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  • Boker Storyteller Set


    #Boker Storyteller Set

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  • John Primble Jack Knife


    John Primble Jack Knife

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  • Catttaraugus Sunfish Yellow

    From a collection: Vintage Cattaraugus two blade Sunfish or Elephant Toe folder. Appears to be a 22929 pattern. Yellow Waterfall Celluoid handles in great shape for their age. Held on with 8 small pins and 1 pivot pin at bottom, Cattaraugus tang stamp is present but difficult to read. Knife has been carried, used and sharpened. I have not made any attempt to clean this up. Not sure of the age, but expect it is old. I could not find a waterfall celluoid comp to price this, but feel I have landed at a good price point considering what beat-up bone handles are going for in the secondary market. --Ships in padded zippered case. Note: We obtained this knife from a collection. Shows signs of carry, use and sharpening. Consider it used.
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  • Mission TA-1 Mine Probe

    FROM A COLLECTION: Mission Knives manufactures the TA probes (Take apart probes) that are non-magnetic humanitarian demining EOD probes, made from a special blend titanium. The TA EOD probes have been extremely successful, especially demining influence mines. Missions TA-1, 5pc are non-knurled and include tip, extension and Delrin handle. The TA-1 has earned NSN 6665-01-432-6213. All TA probes are .250" diameter and include a Nylon probe sheath pouch that can be worn on the belt or carried in a load bearing vest pocket. The current "suicide sticks" (made out of plastic, carbon fiber or fiberglass fishing rods, aluminum, wood, etc.) bend, break and give the operator an unclear "feel" when locating mines. Mission has designed these titanium probes to keep the operator alive. Includes handle and 4 piece Titanium rod. Nylon sheath. Never used. Be advised, while this piece is near Mint, we obtained this from a collection - so please consider it used. ALL SALES ARE FINAL
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  • Benchmade 672BX Apparition



    PRE-OWNED c.2008 Benchmade 672 Apparition Assisted Opener.

    This elite version of the Apparition by Benchmade features a 3 1/4"satin finished 154CM drop point blade with swedge.  Single thumb stud.  Notched thumb rest. Steel bolsters and milled black polymer handle scales over steel liners and file worked steel backspacer. The brushed steel pocket clip is positioned for right hand, tip- down carry. Comes with original box, satin pouch and papers.  Box shows 15 years handling and storage, but is solid.  Does not have the hex key but is easily replaced at a home improvement store.   A few light scuffs are visible on the bolsters otherwise the knife is in excellent condition.

    Original factory edge.   Does not appear to have been used to cut anything.

    NOTE:  While this knife is in excellent condition other than as noted, be advised we obtained this from a collection, so please consider it used.

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  • Buck 110BRS Folding Hunter...


    PRE-OWNED from a collection.

     Minty Buck 110 Folding Hunter.  3 5/8: 420HC Stainless blade.  Wood handle scalesover brass liners.  Brass bolsters.  Lockback design.  Blade etch "Wells Fargo" on one side and "Mine Rescue Team Champions July 17, 2010" on the other side.   4 7/8" closed.

    Knife is minty.  No signs of use or carry.  Original factory edge.  I do see couple small flaws in the finish of the bolsters - not hardly noticeable but they are there.  Original black leather sheath   Original box and paperwork.   

    Nice USA made knife at a good price!

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  • Queen Cutlery (USA) 89...


    Found this hiding in back room for years.  USA made Queen Cutlery DFC #89 small fixed blade.  Slightly under 4" blade that is stamped stainless, but is etched tool steel.  The high polished blade shows some scuffing, rubbing and slight discoloration but appears to have original factory edge.   Jigged Bone handles excellent.  Sheath is in excellent condition, but honestly does not look like it is the correct sheath.  Frankly, not sure what's happening with this piece, but it is an USA made Queen and priced at a reasonable price.  7 1/4" overall.

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  • WWII Issued Cattaraugus...


    Seems dumb to tell you this is pre-owned, but it is.   The 225 Q is a 6 inch fixed blade, US Army issue knife that was contracted by the US Army and US Navy from 1942 through 1945. Made from 1095 carbon steel, 10 1/2 inches in overall length, with a stacked leather washer handle and steel pommel - it is a robust knife and formidable in the hand.  This example is in excellent used condition.  Blade has been modified (in the field probably) with a hook that could have been for skinning or as a pot holder.   Mild surface discoloration as would be expected from a 70+ year old military issued field knife with 1095 high carbon steel.  Worst about this knife is about 1mm of tip missing where someone likely was prying with the knife (it was a TOOL in WWII).  Pommel is 3 steel washers with checkered but-cap often used as a hammer.  Stacked leather handle in exceptional used condition for the age.  Steel guard.  Blade approx 6".  Overall approx 10 1/2".  Replacement leather sheath.  A nice piece of WWII military history that is seen at other places for over $300.00.

      Imagine the stories this knife could tell..

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  • Victorian Pearl Dip Pen


    Victorian Dip Ink Pen

    Gold/Gold Filled nub and ferrule

    Carved pearl shaft.

    About 5 3/4" long.

    Includes original hinged storage box that shows decades of wear but is solid.

    Ships in black presentation box.

    No idea how old this is, but it wasn't made yesterday.

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  • Voted World's Ugliest Knife

    Not sure the vote is official, but here it is! THE WORLD'S UGLIEST KNIFE Everything about this knife is ugly. Fit and finish is ugly - with gap between handle and liners. Dual struck bolsters - one bolster with a pin, the other bolster with a nail. 5 1/8" long Clip blade, 5 1/4" pair of scissors that spring open, 2 1/2" can opener/bottle opener, 2 3/8" curved blade, and a 4 1/4" saw blade. What appears to be a jig bone handle with the obligatory cracked piece out of the reverse side of handle. Angled lightening grooves in both handles. Lots of blade play included at no extra charge. About 6 1/2" closed. About 1 1/4" thick across the back of the 4 back springs, 5 liners and two handle scales. Knife is completely sterile - no makers marks - so could easily be produced for a special forces group - who knows. You would likely be the only one on your block with a knife like this! Really "special". Price is firm - I know how rare this piece is and really hate to sell, but baby needs a new pair of shoes. Country of Origin: Your guess as good as mine.
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  • USA Made Schrade Cowboy...


    PRE-OWNED from a collection.

     Minty USA Made Schrade Folding hunter Cowboy Commemorative Scrimshaw.  3 3/4: Schrade + Stainless blade.  Whale Tooth Delrin handle scales over Nickel Silver liners.  Nickel Silver bolsters.  Lockback design.  Blade etch "Limited Edition".   Handle features permanent full color artwork on front and back.   5" closed.

    Knife is minty.  No signs of use or carry.  Original factory edge.  I do see couple small spots on the finish of the bolsters - not hardly noticeable but they are there - may polish out.  Original split leather belt sheath wil debossing of a spur on the flap.    Original box and paperwork.   

    Nice USA made knife at a good price!

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  • Buck 110 Virginia...


    Buck Limited Edition 110 Folding Hunter.  Commonwealth of Virginia 1788 - 1988 Bicentennial.  Limited Edition of 250.   This is the last one produced and blade is etched 250/250.  Knife is mint.  Original hardshell display box near mint.  High polished blade with gold onlay.  Nickel-Silver bolsters.  Macassar Ebony handle scales.  Includes all paperwork, including Serialized Certificate of Authenticity and even the numbered oil paper (does NOT include the dried up free sample of Flitz Polish).

    Sleaveboard cover shows age from over 35 years storage, but is original and numbered to the knife.

    Great find of a very short run Buck 110.

    NOTE:  While knife is mint and other pieces as described, be advised we obtained this from a collection, so please consider it used.    

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  • Consol Coal Reflective...


    Set of 73 Consol Coal Reflective Helmet Stickers.  Stickers highlighting 73 different Consol Coal operations.  71 of the stickers are as new...two (Shoemaker and Pursglove) show minor flaws.  Overall an excellent and near impossible set to find.

    Each sticker is 3" X 3"

    I've seen individual stickers from this collection selling on a popular bidding site at a "buy now" price of $5.00 each.   These work out to less than $1.00 each.

    Sold ONLY as full set.

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  • Case 0095 Sod Buster Jr...


    PRE-OWNED from a collection.

     Minty Case XX Sod Buster Jr.  2 3/4" Stainless blade.  Smooth Black Synthetic handles over brass liners.  Slipjoint design.  Blade etch "Welch Post #1 N.M.R.A. 2005" .  3 5/8" closed.

    Knife is minty.  No signs of use or carry.  Original factory edge.  Original box and paperwork.  Box is "squshed" 

    Nice USA made knife cheap!

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