Spartan Carnivore Dining Set

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Spartan / V nives "Carnivore" Personal Dining Set - This Carnivore is a light weight and easy to carry personal dining set of utensils that you can take almost anywhere. Why would we make a personal dining set you ask?

  Firstly, plastic utensils are horrible for the environment. Billions of non-recyclable plastic forks, spoons, and knives end up in our rivers, oceans, and landfills every year!

  Secondly, plastic silverware sucks as anyone who has eaten a plastic fork tine at a picnic can attest.

  Finally, it makes that surprise meal or leftovers at the office far more pleasurable. From the field to the finest restaurant this easy to carry dining set will serve you well.


*Utensils break down for ease of carry

*VG-10 Blade

*Stainless Fork

*Durable G-10 Handles

*Ceramic Sharpening System

*Injection Molded Case for ease of carry and storage

*Sized to fit in almost any pocket of purse

*Utensils measure approx 6" as assembled for use.