Drop Forged Boot Knife

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NOTE: The Cold Steel Drop Forged Boot Knife is a double edge knife. Certain areas prohibit double edge knives. Be aware of any restrictions - Federal, State or Local before purchase! The Drop Forged Boot Knife is a knife designed for concealed carry. With a keen double-edged 5" blade and needle sharp tip, its a substantial and shockingly effective last ditch self-defense tool, but thanks to its slim profile and one-piece construction it carries remarkably flat without 'printing'. The Drop Forged Boot Knife is strong, sharp, and thanks to its handle-heavy design it has tremendous piercing power. Includes Secure-Ex hardshell sheath with UltiClip fastening system. SELECT SPECS: --WEIGHT: 6.4oz --THICKNESS: 4.5mm --BLADE LENGTH: 5" --HANDLE: 4" Long --STEEL/MATERIAL: Bronze finished 52100 High Carbon Steel --OVERALL: 9"