Arm yourself with high quality fixed blade and folding pocket knives from New Graham Knives. Since 1935, New Graham Knives has supplied the finest tactical blades, hunting knives, defensive weapons, throwing knives, kitchen knives and many other popular and unique weapons.

New Graham Knives specializes in highly functional, superior designs made from top-quality materials and designed by leading manufacturers. Choose from popular brands such as Spyderco, Chris Reeve, Boker, Microtech and much more in a wide variety of sizes, colors and configurations. Each blade is forged from hard, sharpened steel and specially designed to withstand elemental damage and years of use. Innovative designs, locks and materials allow pocket and folding knives to be safely stored and concealed as well as quickly and effectively used. Hunting knives utilize polished, durable steel grades and handles to continue useful lives season after season.

Browse tactical and practical weaponry for hobbies, protection, display and more across a diverse array of brands and designs. Find your next addition and buy high-quality knives online at New Graham Knives today.


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