KB/Becker Necker

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From Ka-Bar, the Becker Necker BK11 Neck Knife. Black 3.25 blade of 1095 Cro-Van steel with skeletonized handle.The blade is shaped to maximize its utility around camp. It is ground high enough and thin enough so that the blade geometry gives great slicing ability, and the spine gives the blade plenty of backbone. Your forefinger will lie comfortably along the top of the blade to maximize control during skinning and field dressing chores, and hold comfortably in the two most used whittling postitions---All this from a 2.5 oz knife! The notch at the rear of the handle serves two purposes. Use the deep recess for breaking wire and the wider notch is a bottle opener. 6 3/4" overall. Hard black sheath. ***Metal belt clip available: SEE KB08-1480CLIP*** Knife made in USA. NOTE: We may have multiple generations of the Necker in stock when you place your order. Call us to confirm what is available if you have any questions.
Blade Steel 1095
Blade Length 3.25"
Knife Weight Unspecified