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  • Bartender Defender

    TOPS Bartender Defender. Functions: *** "POP ONE OPEN" *** BARTENDER DEFENDER (AKA: THE D-CAPITATER) NEED TO MAKE A POINT? This may be one of the new great ideas for the last of the REAL GUYS. A combination bottle opener and mini knife handy for dozens of survival or party chores. Made from 1/8" thick, real 1095 high carbon steel, with black traction coating (for that wet grip). May be worn around the neck or in a pocket. Created by Ryan Johnson, an up and coming designer and high speed CAD drafter with talented hands - part-time musician, guitar player - whos hobbies include a bit of beer or root beer, whichever the case may be. ONE COOL TOOL! SPECIFICATIONS: O/A Length: 4 1/4" Blade Length: 3/8" Thickness: 1/8" Steel: 1095 High Carbon RC 56-58 Handle: Skeleton Color: TAC Black Sheath: Kydex w/Chain for neck or pocket carry. Desiged by: Ryan "stone hands" Johnson Country of Origin: USA
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  • Fire Starter Piggy Back

    TOPS Fire Start Piggyback This piggyback Kydex carrier is hand-made. It holds the tops emergency 3 rod fire starter and has 2 mounting holes. The top hole is pre-made and the second hole is left for you to make. This way it will fit your own sheath. The piggyback comes with 2 mounting screws, and fits most manufacturer's Kydex sheaths. The piggyback setup holds close to the body of the sheath. The firestarter can be pulled out for use fairly easily. This is an unique innovation for guys who like piggybacking their gear. ...And most of all...if youre in an emergency'll be glad you have it available. SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 3.13" --Thickness: 0.25" diameter Country of Origin: USA
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  • Viking VI AX

    TOPS Vi Ax The VI Ax, short for Viking Ax, was designed by Leo Espinoza. While it has some similarities to actual Viking axes, Leo added his own flair to the design and it became something totally different. It is made from one solid slab of 5/16" 1075 instead of the usual 1095. This was to provide better impact resistance with only slightly less edge retention. Its large 5.25" blade will chop through just about anything you put in front of it. The spike on the back is double-edged to provide maximum damage (2.18" on the top side, 1.88" on the bottom). The long handle with grippy Black Linen Micarta gives great reach and power with every chop. A high quality black leather sheath is included with two snaps to secure the ax in the sheath. The sheath was designed simply as a blade cover, not as a belt sheath (for safety reasons). There are small loops on the back that can be used to secure it to a pack or other MOLLE gear. Take this with you on your next camping trip, put it in your bug-out-bag (if it's large enough for this), or leave it in your vehicle for easy access. The Vi Ax will come in more than handy when the time comes. SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 15.25" --Blade Length: 5.25" --Cutting Edge: 2.13" --Secondary Edge: 1.88" --Blade Thickness: 0.310" --Blade Steel: 1075 High Carbon --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta w/Red Liners over full tang construction. --Lanyard Hole: Yes - Paracord Included --Extended Tang: Yes --Knife Weight: 39oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 44.6oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Leather --Designer: Leo Espinoza Country of Origin: USA
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  • Grim Ripper

    Features a 3.75 in. blade of 1095 high carbon steel with black traction coating, and a 2.75 black linen Micarta handle. Comes complete with a sheath..
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  • Air Wolf

    TOPS Air Wolf Fixed Blade Knife. You don't have to be the "TOP Gun" to know the air crews work hard to complete their missions. Every person on the air crew has great responsibility and is as important as a spoke on the wheel. Having the right tool at their side or in their bag is an important part of their personal responsibility. The Air Wolfe fits the bill perfectly. It is a personal carry choice, in case of work or an emergency, on the ground or in the air. Cutting straps, rope or even building an emergency shelter it is a perfect tool. Have it with you just in case you're having a "down" day. SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 11.00" --Blade Length: 5.75" --Cutting Edge: 5.00" --Blade Thickness: 0.190" --Blade Style: Clip Point --Blade Grind: Flat Saber --Blade Edge: Plain Edge --Blade Steel: 1095 Carbon Alloy --Hardness: RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Tactical Gray --Handle Material: Black G10 w/Red Liners over full tang construction --Handle Style: Traction Style --Extended Tang: Yes --Lanyard Hole: Yes --Knife Weight: 11.5 oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 16.5 oz --Sheath Weight: 5.0 oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Ballistic Nylon --Sheath Clip: Molle Backing --Item Number: TOPS AIR01 --Iten Name: Air Wolf AIR-01 Country of Origin: USA
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  • Bartender Defender XL

    TOPS BARXL Bartender Defender XL. The Bartender Defender XL is a follow up to TOPS very popular Bartender Defender. This model was made thanks to specific customer feedback. Many liked that the original was extra small and lightweight, but wanted a slightly longer blade to work with. Dont let the 'XL' fool you. This new model is still less than 5.5" long when its sheathed, but has a blade over 2" long. Another update is that the bottle opener is accessible without having to remove the knife from the sheath. TOPS went with a smooth and attractive tumble finished 1095 blade with a clear Cerakote to protect from rust. The Bartender Defender XL is an excellent choice for those who are constantly opening boxes and/or brews. SPECIFICATIONS: --Knife Type: Fixed Blade - Neck or Pocket Carry --Overall Length: 4.63" --Blade Length: 2.13" --Cutting Edge: 2.13" --Blade Thickness: 0.130" --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Hardness: RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Tumbled with clear Cerakote finish --Handle Style: Skeletonized with clear Cerakote finish --Knife Weight: 1.6oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 2.4oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Kydex with Bead Chain --Designer: Ryan Johnson Country of Origin: USA
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  • Backbite PE

    TOPS Backbite BKBT-01 Martial Arts Fixed Blade. The Back Bite is an aggressive break from conventional design and functionality - where function meets form! Inspired by the Russian Martial Art system of striking, trapping, attack and defense, the Back Bite is a knife that bites "forward" and "back" inflicting devastating damage and Maximum Effect! Colin Despins designed this knife based on his extensive exposure to and training in the system of Russian martial arts. The Back Bite incorporates a unique combination of a concave strike face edge, a Wharncliffe Back edge, and a flat chisel point. When gripping the Back Bite in the blade down strike face edge forward, the operator is enabled to deliver devastating blows to the adversary's vital targets and to attack or defend!" SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 8.50" --Blade Length: 4.00" --Cutting Edge: 3.00" --Secondary Edge: 1.00" --Blade Thickness: 0.190" --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Hardness: RC 56-58 --Blade Shape: Your call here --Blade Grind: Your call here also --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta --Knife Weight: 5.5 oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 7 oz --Sheath Weight: 1.5 oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Kydex --Sheath Clip: Rotating Spring Steel --Designer: Colin Despins Country of Origin: USA
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  • Black Rhino Hunter Black PE

    The TOPS Black Rhino is a beefy full-size field knife capable of years of hard use. Features a 1095 black traction coated plain edge hunter blade. Full tang construction with pry bar end. Black linen micarta handles. Blade Length: 4 7/8". O/A Length: 10 5/8". 1/4" blade stock. Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58 Sheath: Kydex With a Rotating Steel Spring Clip Handcrafted in the USA Jason Breeden design.
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  • TOPS Wolf Pup, Plain Edge

    TOPS Wolf Pup Plain Edge, Fixed blade. Features a 2.50 in. 1095 high carbon blade and a 3.00 in. Micarta handle.AB16 Comes complete with a Kydex sheath.
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  • Wolf Pup XL

    TOPS WP011 Wolf Pup XL with Hunter's Point Blade. SEPCIFICATIONS: --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coated --Handles: Linen Micarta Scales over full tang construction --Blade Length: 3 1/2" --O/A Length: 7 3/8" --Cutting Edge: 2 1/2" --Thickness: 5/32" --Weight: 10oz --Sheath: Kydex With a Rotating Steel Spring Clip Country of Origin: USA
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  • Brothers of Bushcraft Tan


    The Brothers of Bushcraft fixed blade is a solid bet for use around the house, around the field and out in the bush.  You will hard pressed to find a better field knife anywhere.


    --Overall Length:  10.00"

    --Blade Length:  4.75"

    --Cutting Edge:  4.50"

    --Blade Thickness:  0.190"

    --Blade Steel:  1095 

    --Hardness:  RC 56-58

    --Blade Finish:  Coyote Tan Coating

    --Handle Material:  Green Canvas Micarta

    --Knife Weight:  9.6 oz

    --Sheath Included:  Yes

    --Sheath Material:  Coyote Tan Kydex

    --Sheath Clip:  Rotating Spring Steel


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  • Cochise

    About 10 years of continual field use has proven this knife a fine and formidable companion in the Outdoors. Even young hunters are learning the many uses this knife has to offer in camp as well as On the Hunt. Honoring the famous Cochise. Cochise was one of the most famous Apache leaders, along with Geronimo. Cochise was the last great American Indian chief to die free and absolutely unconquered. SPECS: Blade Length: 4 1/2" O/A Length: 9 3/4" Cutting Edge: 4" Thickness: 3/16" Weight: 12oz Blade Color: Tactical Gray Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon Alloy RC-58 Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta® Sheath: Kydex With a Rotating Steel Spring Clip Weight: 10.1oz Weight w/ Sheath: 13.0oz Mfg. Handcrafted in the USA
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  • Stryker Defender Tool

    TOPS DEFT01 Stryker Defender Tool. Any man would be hard-pressed to find a more badass tool in such a compact size. This quarter inch thick tank of a knife is stocked to the brim with extra features. TOPS' Rocky Mountain Tread is included on the Black Linen Micarta handle scales. They have also included serrations, a saw back, and an unsharpened upper swedge to assist in penetration power. It's strong, durable, rugged, and not designed for the average man. Are YOU tough enough for one? SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 10.25" --Blade Length: 4.75" --Blade Thickness: 0.250" --Blade Shape: Hunters Point --Blade Edge: Partially Serrated with Sawback --Blade Grind: Flat Saber --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Hardness: RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta --Handle Style: Rocky Mountain Tread --Knife Weight: 14.4 oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 19.2 oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Ballistic Nylon --Sheath Clip: Molle Backing Country of Origin: USA
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  • D-Fly 4.5 w/Optional Leather S

    TOPS D-Fly 4.5 - 1095 Steel - Optional Black Leather Dangler Sheath with Ferro Rod. The D-Fly is a lightweight sturdy bushcraft knife designed by Caleb Musgrave. Featuring a uncoated 1095 High Carbon Steel blade and Black Micarta Scales over a full tang, this knife provides all you need and nothing you don't need. SPECIFICATIONS: --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Blade Finish: Uncoated --Blade Shape: Drop Point --Blade Edge: Plain Edge --Handle: Black Canvas Micarta with White Liners over a full tang. --Sheath: Optional Black Leather Dangler Belt Sheath with Ferro Rod --Blade Length: 4.5" --Overall Length: 9.75" --Weight: 7.25 oz --Brand: TOPS --Model Name: D-Fly 4.5 --Model Number: D-Fly 4.5 --Item Number: TOPSDFLY45 --Country of Origin: USA NOTE: This knife comes with optional black leather dangler belt sheath (a $45.00 value) --NOTICE: This knife has an uncoated 1095 High Carbon Steel blade. While considered by many to be a superior field steel and much better striker than a coated blade, be advised 1095 will rust, tarnish and stain. Keeping the blade clean, dry and oiled will help preserve the finish.
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  • Earth Skills

    TOPS ESK01 Earth Skills Fixed Blade. The Earth Skills Knife was designed by Matt Graham, who is much more than just a "survivalist". He is an athlete - ultra-marathons, triathlons, rock climbing, etc., a martial artist - several styles, and an expert in primitive weapons, hunting, and shelters. He has more "dirt time" than almost anyone else out there. In keeping with the same theme as his first design through TOPS (the Little Bugger). It's thin with TOPS'; modified Scandi grind, a tumble finish and tan canvas Micarta handle scales. This one comes with a deep carry brown leather sheath that Matt designed based off some old Native American styles of sheath. It is meant to ride cross-draw, underneath the belt, towards the back side of the wearer. Please keep in mind, the stock of this tool is 1/8" thick. Therefore, uses like batoning are not recommended and bent blades due to that type of use will not be covered under the warranty. It is meant for the types of uses you would normally get from a machete. SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 14.25" --Blade Length: 8.25" --Cutting Edge: 8.25" --Blade Thickness: 0.130" --Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Tumble Finish --Handle Material: Tan Canvas Micarta --Knife Weight: 11.9oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 16.8oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Premium Brown Leather --Sheath Clip: Belt Loop --Designer: Matt Graham --Brand: TOPS --Model Name: Earth Skills --Model Number: ESK01 --Item Number: TOPSESK01 --Country of Origin: USA
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  • Grandpa's Ax

    GRANDPA'S AX: Excellent mix of size, weight and chopping power. This is the kind of tool that gets passed down. In 2016, a challenge was issued to the employees of TOPS Knives. Whoever can design the best hatchet, tomahawk, or ax will get it approved as a design, be credited as the designer, and TOPS will produce it. This hatchet was the winner of that contest. The winner? Lorenzo Espinoza Sr. Lorenzo is Leo's father. Leo is the President of TOPS Knives, the main designer, and the guy who approves all outside designs. You know what they say: like father, like son. Grandpas Ax is an excellent mix of size, weight, and chopping capability for a small hatchet. Weighing just under 1.5lbs, this is a tool that can be easily carried long distances, making it excellent for backpackers and minimalist campers. The weight is in the head of the hatchet and its shape leaves it balanced to chop very well for its size. SELECT SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 11.00" --Blade Length: 4.00" --Cutting Edge: 4.00" --Blade Thickness: 0.250" --Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Tumble Finish --Handle Material: Green Canvas Micarta --Ax Weight: 22.7oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 27.1oz --Sheath: Brown leather with belt loop. --Designer: Lorenzo Espinoza Country of Origin: USA
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