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  • TOPS Brothers Of Bushcraft...


    The Fieldcraft Knife was designed by The Brothers of Bushcraft. The knife is 10 inches long in total, with a blade length of 4 1/2 inches. This makes a compact, but extremely serviceable knife The cutting edge is a modified Scandinavian Grind, which is very effective for carving, skinning and other general woods work. With a rockwell hardness of 56-58, the ease of sharpening is astounding. The handle being made of Red and Black G-10, the handle will never let you down. The "Thumb Scallops", formed on the hilt of the handle offer more comfort and control when using specialized carving and skinning grips. The pommel of the blade is simply the tang of the knife exposed enough to allow impact from a baton to not effect the handle.On the exposed pommel, you will find a scraper specially designed by one of The Brothers of Bushcraft, for striking Ferro rods in a safe and efficient manner.The sheath is a strong, durable Kydex, with a steel belt clip. This arrangement allows a safe, secure and comfortable carry on the belt, pack strap, or even around the neck. With a built in Ferro-rod attachment point. From carving netting needles and trap triggers, to chopping through branches, the TOPS Knives / Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft Knife will do just about any chore that you can throw at her in a wilderness survival scenario.
    SPECIFICATIONS:--Overall Length: 10.00"--Blade Length: 4.75"--Cutting Edge: 4.50"--Blade Thickness: 0.190"--Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon--Hardness: RC 56-58--Blade Type: Drop Point--Blade Grind: Modified Scandinavian (Scandi) Grind--Blade Edge: Plain Edge--Pommel: Extended with Ferro Rod Scraper.
    --Lanyard Hole: Yes--Blade Finish: TOPS Black Traction Coating--Handle Material: Red and Black G-10--Knife Weight: 9.6 oz--Sheath Included: Yes
    --Sheath Material: Black Kydex With Ferro Rod attachment (Ferro Rod Included]--Sheath Clip: Rotating Spring Steel Country of Origin: USA

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  • Brothers of Bushcraft Tan


    The Brothers of Bushcraft fixed blade is a solid bet for use around the house, around the field and out in the bush.  You will hard pressed to find a better field knife anywhere.


    --Overall Length:  10.00"

    --Blade Length:  4.75"

    --Cutting Edge:  4.50"

    --Blade Thickness:  0.190"

    --Blade Steel:  1095 

    --Hardness:  RC 56-58

    --Blade Finish:  Coyote Tan Coating

    --Handle Material:  Green Canvas Micarta

    --Knife Weight:  9.6 oz

    --Sheath Included:  Yes

    --Sheath Material:  Coyote Tan Kydex

    --Sheath Clip:  Rotating Spring Steel


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  • Papa Delta


    TOPS PD-01 Papa Delta Fixed Blade.  Papa Delta THE HIDEAWAY YOU’LL WANT TO SHOW OFF

    This knife will disappear under clothing, on a belt or in a pocket, but be there and ready when needed. There are a lot of reasons to carry a knife every day. From regular daily cutting tasks to pocket jewelry, to self-defense, and more. What an individual decides to carry is a deeply personal choice with many factors to consider–like local laws, permissiveness of the area, what clothing is going to be worn, etc. The Papa Delta was designed by Leo Espinoza with input from a retired undercover police/intelligence officer. So the thought process is specifically for people who need to be able to wear the knife completely undetected. That is why it’s thin, skeletonized, and low profile in every aspect. The “incomplete” finger hole is purposely not closed off. The reason is so that the knife can be let go of more easily than a normal karambit where the ring is specifically there to retain the knife. It’s also double-edged with a fuller to make it as useful as possible for defensive purposes. The Midnight Bronze Cerakote looks great on the 1095 blade and the included Kydex sheath makes it a great neck carry. This knife will disappear under clothing, on a belt or in a pocket, but be there and ready when needed. DISCLAIMER: It is incumbent upon the purchaser to be over 18 years of age and to check with local law enforcement personnel regarding legalities of double-edged weapons in his/her area. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

    SPECIFICATIONS:--Overall Length:  5.88"--Blade Length:  1.63"--Cutting Edge:  1.63"--Secondary Edge:  1.63"--Blade Thickness:  0.130"--Blade Steel:  1095 RC 56-58--Blade Finish:  Midnight Bronze --Handle Style:  Skeletonized--Knife Weight:  1.1oz--Weight w/ Sheath:  1.8oz--Sheath Included:  Yes--Sheath Material:  Black Kydex USA

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  • Silent Hero 03 Sniper Grey


    The Silent Hero will definitely hold up to hard use..There is a lanyard hole in the handle along with another in the finger guard. This is meant to allow the user to add a safety cord in order to improve the grip on the handle, which already allows for a solid grip. The finger-guard hole can also be used to assist in lashing to a spear when the situation warrants it.There is a finger choil up into the blade to give you the ability to choke up and execute precise, fine cuts. The drop point design makes this knife great for slicing and gives the tip extra strength. This knife will be a great knife for bushcraft, survival, and tactical purposes.The black leather sheath is durable and looks great paired with this knife. The Silent Hero is held in place with a single snap loop that curls around the finger guard. It is large enough that it can be used to chop but is also still small enough to complete most of the tasks you can do or want to do with a smaller knife.

    SPECIFICATIONS:--Overall Length:  11.25"--Blade Length:  6.38"--Cutting Edge:  5.75"--Blade Thickness:  0.190"--Blade Shape:  Hunters Point--Blade Steel:  1095 --Hardness:  RC 56-58--Blade Finish:  Sniper Gray--Handle Material:  Black Canvas Micarta--Handle Style:  Rocky Mountain Tread--Knife Weight:  12oz--Weight w/ Sheath:  17oz--Sheath Included:  Yes--Sheath Material:  Black Leather--Sheath Clip: Belt Loop  USA

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  • Field Dog


    TOPS FDOG-01 Field Dog Fixed Blade Knife.

    Ana has worked at TOPS since about 2012. She has filled many roles in the company during her tenure, from cord wrapping handles to purchasing everything (parts, pieces, tools, even paper towels) for the company. So she is familiar with every TOPS knife out there right now and has ordered the materials to make it happen. One night in 2019, while Leo was traveling for a show, she cracked open a beer, sat down at the table, and started drawing a knife. It’s funny because that is not something she normally does. There wasn’t a specific type of knife she was thinking about or something that she wanted to emulate, but she must have been inspired because that knife ended up becoming the Field Dog. The flowing lines and curves make this knife excellent for processing fish, birds, and small game, especially for those that like a pointy tip on their hunting knives. The handle design/materials morphed through the prototyping process. In the end, tan/black G10 handles with Orange G10 inserts give this knife a striking look and will stand out when you set it down on the ground. The blade steel is 154cm so it will be fairly low maintenance with great edge holding capabilities. The black leather sheath is modular so it can be worn left or right-handed and horizontal or vertical.

    SPECIFICATIONS:--Overall Length:  7.75"--Blade Length:  3.88"--Cutting Edge:  3.88"--Blade Thickness:  0.130"--Blade Steel:  154cm RC 58-60 Cryo Treated--Blade Finish:  Tumble Finish--Handle Materialzzzz;  Tan/Black G10 w/Orange G10 Insert--Knife Weightz;  5.8oz--Weight w/ Sheathz;  8.3oz--Sheath Includedz;  Yes--Sheath Materialz;  Black Leather--Sheath Clip:  Belt Loop USA

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  • Mini Scandi


    Originally designed from the Finnish sami knife, used by the Laplanders for all their hunting and bushcraft tasks. These knives have traditionally been flat ground, single or double sided, with a "zero-ground" edge ground to the edge.

    It occurred to TOPS that a good idea is still a good idea in a smaller package. The Mini Scandi was a result of the very popular, original Brothers of Bushcraft (BROS-01) knife. It offers all the advantages of a modified Scandi grind in a neck knife, which makes it easily concealable. All of the cutting ability of a larger Scandi that can also fit in your pocket or pack.
    SPECIFICATIONS:--Overall Length: 6.13"--Blade Thickness: 0.130"--Hardness: RC 56-58--Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating--Handle Material: Tan Canvas Micarta--Weight w/ Sheath: 3.8oz--Sheath Included: Yes--Sheath Material: Black Kydex--Designer: Leo Espinoza. USA

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  • Mini Tanimboca Puuko


    The Mini Tanimboca Puukko is a great tool for making bushcraft items (utensils, kuksa, baskets, blow guns, etc. are all things that Goran had in mind with this), whittling around the fire, and even accomplishing some EDC uses.
    This knife is smaller than most and has no guard (so use caution). The knife can be held close to the cutting edge and in multiple grips. If you like making things with your hands especially in the woods, this knife is going to be a must-have. It has the classic Puukko look, but in a much, much smaller package. The spine is ground to 90 degrees for scraping tasks. Well-rounded Black Canvas Micarta handles make the handle comfortable despite its size. The brown leather sheath is set up for a tip-down neck carry, but also has a loop that will fit most belts.
    The Mini Tanimboca Puukko was designed by Goran Mihajlovic, who also designed the original one made by TOPS. Goran is originally from Serbia but grew up in Germany. He has lived in Colombia now for many years. He owns a nature reserve called Tanimboca that houses hundreds if not thousands of species of plant, animal, and insect. Throughout his entire life, he has been a knife user and enthusiast. In recent years he has begun making knives at his forge in the Amazon jungle. He prefers Puukkos for their ability to perform well at large variety of cutting tasks.SPECIFICATIONS:--Overall Length: 4.00"--Blade Thickness: 0.090"--Hardness: RC 56-58--Blade Finish: Tumble Finish--Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta--Weight w/ Sheath: 2.6oz--Sheath Included: Yes--Sheath Material: Brown Leather. USA

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  • TOPS Wolf Pup, Plain Edge

    TOPS Wolf Pup Plain Edge, Fixed blade. Features a 2.50 in. 1095 high carbon blade and a 3.00 in. Micarta handle.AB16 Comes complete with a Kydex sheath.
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  • Viking VI AX

    TOPS Vi Ax The VI Ax, short for Viking Ax, was designed by Leo Espinoza. While it has some similarities to actual Viking axes, Leo added his own flair to the design and it became something totally different. It is made from one solid slab of 5/16" 1075 instead of the usual 1095. This was to provide better impact resistance with only slightly less edge retention. Its large 5.25" blade will chop through just about anything you put in front of it. The spike on the back is double-edged to provide maximum damage (2.18" on the top side, 1.88" on the bottom). The long handle with grippy Black Linen Micarta gives great reach and power with every chop. A high quality black leather sheath is included with two snaps to secure the ax in the sheath. The sheath was designed simply as a blade cover, not as a belt sheath (for safety reasons). There are small loops on the back that can be used to secure it to a pack or other MOLLE gear. Take this with you on your next camping trip, put it in your bug-out-bag (if it's large enough for this), or leave it in your vehicle for easy access. The Vi Ax will come in more than handy when the time comes. SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 15.25" --Blade Length: 5.25" --Cutting Edge: 2.13" --Secondary Edge: 1.88" --Blade Thickness: 0.310" --Blade Steel: 1075 High Carbon --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta w/Red Liners over full tang construction. --Lanyard Hole: Yes - Paracord Included --Extended Tang: Yes --Knife Weight: 39oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 44.6oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Leather --Designer: Leo Espinoza Country of Origin: USA
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  • UTE

    TOPS UTE 02 Utility Knife. The TOPS UTE has been in production for many years because of its simplicity of design and functionality. Its handle provides a secure grip very near to the edge, which facilitates precise, controlled cutting. The uses are many. It's great for EDC, self-defense, utility work, and even skinning if necessary. This knife is small and compact, making the UTE a great urban carry knife as well. Simplicity and functionality meet the strength of TOPS. SPECIFICATIONS: --Knife Type: Fixed Blade --Overall Length: 6.50" --Blade Length: 3.00" --Cutting Edge: 2.75" --Blade Thickness: 0.190" --Blade Shape: Hunters Point --Blade Grind: Flat Saber --Blade Edge: Plain Edge --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Hardness: RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta --Knife Weight: 3.9 oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 5.5 oz --Sheath Weight: 1.6 oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Kydex --Sheath Clip: Rotating Spring Steel Country of Origin: USA
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  • U.S. Combat Knife

    TOPS U.S. Combat Knife. Designed by Laci Szabo, a former Marine, the TOPS US Combat Knife is a bayonet-style fighting and field knife in honor of the U.S. Marine Corps It's a 1/4" thick, rugged steel tool that will never run out of ammunition. This knife has seen its fair share of action and is trusted by many in our armed services as well as by civilians. SPECICIFICATIONS: --Knife Type: Fixed Blade --Overall Length: 13.75" --Blade Length: 7.50" --Blade Thickness: 0.250" --Blade Shape: Clip Point --Blade Grind: Flat Saber --Blade Edge: Partially Serrated --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Hardness: RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: TOPS Black Traction Coating --Handle Material: Black Linen Micarta with red liners over full tang construction --Extended Tang: Yes --Lanyard Hole: Yes --Knife Weight: 17.5 oz --Sheath Included --Sheath Material: Black Ballistic Nylon --Sheath Clip: Molle Backing --Item Number: TOPSUS01 --Item Name: U.S. Combat Knife US01 --Designer: Laci Szabo Country of Origin: USA USA
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  • Tanimboca Puukko


    Traditional Puukko, meets Colombian jungle, meets TOPS Knives Puukkos are a style of knife originally developed in Scandinavia. Through the years, they have remained largely unchanged. Characteristically, they are Scandi ground knives with thick, round wooden handles. Most do not have a finger guard, which allows the person using it to get their hand as close to the cutting edge as possible. This gives the user very precise and controlled cutting. Its simplistic design is both useful and intuitive and has definitely withstood the test of time. To make the Tanimboca Puuko, TOPS has teamed up with Goran Mihajlovic. Goran is originally from Serbia but grew up in Germany. He has lived in Colombia now for the last 20 plus years. He owns a nature reserve called Tanimboca that houses hundreds if not thousands of species of plant, animal, and insect. Throughout his entire life, he has been a knife user and enthusiast. In recent years he has begun making knives at his forge in the Amazon jungle. He prefers Puukkos for their ability to perform well at large variety of cutting tasks. The TOPS version of his design mixes traditional elements with TOPS style. It has the classic Puukko blade with a very slight clip point. The spine is ground to 90 degrees for scraping tasks. Well-rounded Tan Canvas Micarta handles with red liners honor the traditional style. The knife sits deep in the leather sheath. Add a breakaway chain or paracord and it can easily be worn as a neck knife when needed. Once you get your hands on the Tanimboca Puukko, you wont want to put it down. SELECT SPECS: --Overall Length: 7.75" --Blade Length: 3.63" --Cutting Edge: 3.50" --Blade Thickness: 0.130" --Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Tumble Finish --Handle Material: Tan Canvas Micarta --Knife Weight: 5.1oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 7.6oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath: Brown leather pouch style with belt loop. Designer Goran Mihajlovic USA

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  • Lion's Toothpick

    TOPS Lion's Toothpick Fixed Blade Knife. This beautiful creation has great flowing lines coupled with a strong grip and a blade made for quick decisions and strong penetration. This design is both aggressive and bold. The user can be confident that this tool will be reliable, sturdy, and most effective. The Kydex sheath is designed for a close-to-the-body fit and if the situation requires it, is a practical hide-away. SPECIFICATIONS: --O/A Length: 9" --Blade Length: 4" --Thickness: 3/16" --Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel --Handle: Brown Canvas Micarta with red liners over full tang construction --Extended Tang: Yes --Lanyard Hole: Yes --Blade Color: Tactical Stone --Blade Shape: Toothpick --Blade Grind: Flat Saber --Blade Edge: Plain Edge --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Kydex --Sheath Clip: Rotating Spring Steel --Weight: 3.5 oz --Item Number: TOPSTOOTH01 --Item Name: Lion's Toothpick TOOTH01 --Designed by: Leo Espinoza- Country of Origin: USA
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  • TAC Karambit

    TOPS Tac Karambit This is not your beginner Karambit. C Despins of the Max Venom Product Group has created yet another edged/impact weapon that is both stylish and deadly. He was approached by a member of a Highly Elite Unit who wanted a Karambit that would meet all of his requirements. His unit moves fast and packs light. They operate in all environments so he wears gloves of all kinds and wanted to be able to use the knife properly without having to remove his gloves, hence the oversized finger hole. Its length provides a reach that is unprecedented by other Karambits, but still allows for close quarters fighting. There is a devastating skull crushing pommel on the end of the finger hole. The strike face on the spine is C Despins signature of sorts as its found on the HKT and Back Bite as well. The handle was designed to fit most hands in forward or reverse grips and with or without using the finger hole. This is a serious tool for the serious operator. SPECIFICATIONS: --Knife Type: Fixed Blade --Overall Length: 11.25" --Blade Length: 7.13" --Cutting Edge: 5.75" --Secondary Edge: 0.81" --Blade Thickness: 0.190" --Blade Steel: 1095 RC High Carbon --Hardness: 56-58 --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Blade Type: Karambit --Blade Edge: Plain Edge --Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta --Lanyard Hole: Finger hole that can double as Lanyard Hole. --Knife Weight: 10oz --Weight w/ Sheath: 14.5oz --Sheath Material: Black Kydex --Sheath Clip: Beta Loop --Item Number: TAC01 --Item Name: Tac Karambit --Designer: Colin Despins Country of Origin: USA
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  • Street Spike

    TOPS STS01 Street Spike Fixed Blade TOPS is well-known for producing interesting and wild designs. Sometimes, though, the simplest designs fill a need. Designing a good knife can be difficult, but it doesnt always have to be. When Leo set out to design the Street Spike, he was just looking for a basic, no-frills tool that combines concealability, strength, and utility flawlessly, while keeping the lowest price possible on the knife. He started with 1/4" 1095 stock, lightened it up by skeletonizing the handle, and radiused the edges to make it comfortable without a handle. Add on a simple Kydex sheath and you have a knife that will replace what a lot of people are currently using as an EDC. Its small enough to fit in a pocket or to be worn as a neck knife. The Beta Loop straps will also allow a multitude of carrying positions. SPECIFICATIONS: --Overall Length: 6.75" --Blade Length: 2.75" --Cutting Edge: 2.75" --Blade Thickness: 0.250" --Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58 --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Handle Style: Skeletonized --Knife Weight: 2.0oz --Sheath Included: Yes --Sheath Material: Black Kydex --Sheath Clip: Beta Loop --Designer: Leo Espinoza --Brand: TOPS --Model Name: Street Spike --Model Number: STS01 --Item Number: TOPSSTS01 --Country of Origin: USA
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  • Street Scalpel 2.0

    TOPS SSS-02 Street Scalpel 2.0 - 1095 High Carbon Steel - Black Canvas Micarta Handles - Multi-position Kydex Sheath.The original Street Scalpel has been around for quite a few years now. There are a number of reasons that LEOs, active duty military, and everyday citizens love it. Its concealability is one of the main reasons, but it's also extremely stout and strong for its size, so it can handle some tough tasks. Take all of the positives of the original Street Scalpel, make it slightly lighter, and reconfigure the handle, and you have the Street Scalpel 2.0. Made using 3/16" stock instead of 1/4", the 2.0 will be a better slicer, but still have plenty of strength for those tougher jobs. The sheath has been changed to allow multiple carry options including appendix, IWB, OWB, scout, or any way else you can think of by rearranging the included beta loop straps. Whether you're looking for a strong EDC fixed blade, or a combatives knife to help get you out of a bad situation, the Street Scalpel 2.0 is up to the task. SPECIFICATIONS: --Blade Steel: 1095 High Carbon --Hardness: RC 56-58 --Blade Shape: Upswept --Blade Edge: Plain --Blade Finish: Black Traction Coating --Handle: Black Canvas Micarta --Knife Weight: 3.1 oz --Sheath: Multi-position black kydex with Beta Loops --Brand: TOPS --Model Name: Street Scalpel 2.0 --Model Number: SSS-02 --Item Number: TOPSSSS02 --Country of Origin: USA
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